Noah Wildman


A presentation is, at its core, storytelling. Whether it’s a new business pitch, a strategy and finance deck, an upfront or a firm-wide call-to-arms, I see a beginning, middle, end and a payload that needs to be delivered… ideally in a form more sophisticated than just bullets. As I move forward professionally, I seek to continue to make clear and beautiful presentations but also to aide that process by understanding the content, guiding and clarifying the story and pushing for more sophisticated and simpler ways for saying things without words.

I am a designer with over 15 years of cumulative professional experience in presentation and visual communications. My personal interests range widely, but it all shares a common thread: telling and receiving stories well, whether it’s producing a compilation album, building a multi-course meal, meeting people from the back of a bicycle, passing values to my kids via anecdotes, or properly constructing a presentation.

I live on the Lower East Side of NYC. Lately, I tend to work remotely.

My primary professional organization  spotlighted me !

My primary professional organization spotlighted me!